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We build solid network system
to connect you to the cloud

Nexus Networks provides an experienced, cost effective and reliable partnership to sustain the foundation of your network infrastructure and cloud services operations.

Efficient &


Fit for 

No stress



With the Right
Network Infrastructure in place, Great Things Can Happen

We are a small team of dedicated network engineers who came together out of enthusiasm for cutting edge technology, resilience and cost effectiveness. 

We believe in strong interpersonal business relationships. Without that business is not fun and not sustainable.

Established in 2015, NEXUS NETWORKS came to be out of the increasing network infrastructure business dependency.  We build top of the range highly scalable and available networks.  The company has a track record of successful projects.


What We Offer

We focus on building active network infrastructures and cloud solutions.  We partner with you to provide you with the required level of support fit for your timelines.


Our customers are distributed amongst a multitude of business verticals, being; coworking spaces, hospitality & entertainment, government, fintech and online sports companies.

Vendor Independent

We are not bound by any vendors with a sales target thus we are free to help choose the right product for your fit.

Full stack Network Solution

We are full stack network engineers that can help you with your passive cabling, routing, switching, wireless, security, data center, cloud, automation, virtualization and voice over IP.

Customer Support

We are accountable, reachable and responsive.  Our customer care approach is born and bred in a spirit of collaboration.

Remote-first approach

To be in a position to always honor deadlines and support multiple customers at any point in time we adopt a remote-first approach.  This enables us to save travelling time and provide you with a quicker solution.

Complex world.
Simple processes

The cloud has come to stay. That’s why all our IT solutions can be installed on premises, hybrid or from the cloud. If necessary, we also set up the systems on premises – and later move some or all of them to the cloud. And for maximum security, flexibility and availability, we use microservices architecture, virtualization and modern container technologies. Or as we claim: Cloud at its best.


Your Files Remotely

No commitment


Tech brands we Love

It's what we know inside out. From dusk to dawn we work with these brands (but not limited to) to bring value to your operation.

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